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Reviews of Dr. Robert Urquhart

What Our Customers Have to Say

Dr. Urquhart was recommended by my general dentist in an emergency situation.  The office was very accommodating in fitting me in that day for an evaluation and scheduled me for the procedure the next day.  The procedures and outcomes were fully explained and Dr. Urquhart took all the time I needed to answer all of my questions.  Everyone was friendly and helpful.  ~ N.W.
Great work by doctor and staff.  Great experience.  Will gladly recommend to others.  Much better experience than other doctors I have seen. ~ G.R.
I recently had a tooth extracted with Dr. Urquhart's office and it was a great experience.  The staff were friendly and very professional.  Dr. Urquhart made me feel very comfortable.  I would recommend this office to everyone.  I give them five stars!!! ~ V.C
10 years experience as a caretaker, been to and dealt with almost every type of medical, dental, physical, mental therapy, facility in Albuquerque, NM.  Very impressed with my first time visit to Dr. Urquhart facility and staff.  ~ M.J.
Dr. Urquhart had a tough case with me.  [Dental Implants]. He was great and provided all services as promised. I strongly recommended him. ~ Angie's List reviewer
Was very impressed with Dr. Urquhart's manner.  He is very down-to-earth.  He explains things in a manner that any layperson can understand.  He answered all our questions and made us feel like we were his only patients.  We also didn't have to wait long, which is a refreshing change from most dentists and doctors.  The waiting room is modern and comfortable.  Not the clinical antiseptic feel of many practices. ~ Angie's List reviewer
I cannot express enough my gratitude towards this caring, understanding & gentle doctor. When my wisdom tooth unexpectedly blew up on me, my dentists office called Dr Urquhart and explained my situation and the level of pain I was in. Dr Urquhart told him to send me straight over to his office. When I arrived I was greeted by a lovely receptionist that helped me move things along quickly by having most of my information ready to go. Everything went smoothly and I recovered quickly without a single problem. The entire staff was friendly and pleasant, the office was clean and decorated beautifully professional. I will refer this doctor to anybody I know looking for an oral surgeon! I will be returning with my family in the future. Thank you Dr Urquhart! ~ Melissa - review
Dr. Urquhart was my oral surgeon for jaw surgery after a serious automobile accident. From the minute I met him in the emergency room, until my final visit, Dr. Urquhart was calm, reassuring and very good at what he does. The plastic surgeon who did my final procedure said "you had the best oral surgeon in Albuquerque; you were fortunate." I couldn't agree more. ~ Patricia from review
Dr. Urquhart just finished a "four on four?" set of implants to restore my teeth, and I cannot say enough about the positive nature of my experience. Dr. Urquhart was unfailingly calm and well-informed, and my regular dentist cannot say enough about the quality of my implant surgery. I just had a follow-up at Dr. Urquhart's new office, and found it beautiful and professional. And the staff could not have been nicer. Wonderful doctor. ~ Mairin from review
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